Andy Whitelaw
Executive Producer & Presenter


With over 5 years of experience in radio, Andy has the perfect face for it!

The star player at #RedCardConnect, Andy juggles his time presenting the daily #RedCardDRIVETIME show and ensuring the smooth operation of content #onRadio and #onTV.

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Ahmad Khan
Presenter & Online Editor


Watch out Singapore! There’s a new voice in town.

Ahmad Khan can be heard daily on #RedCardConnect as a presenter on #RedCardDRIVETIME and he never shies away from letting his opinions be heard.

Outside the studio, Ahmad is our Online Editor of #onDigital.

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Barty Tan

Lurking in the shadows, Barty is the resident ninja at #RedCardConnect. Like a valued engine, it doesn’t make a noise and is hidden from plain sight.

Being the main producer for all shows #onRadio, Barty keeps the operation running by preparing the content, accepting your calls and making sure no swear words get aired.

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Duncan Elias
Brand Engagement Manager

Legend has it that Duncan got his job at #RedCardConnect by selling a pen! The Wolf of Woodlands can hook you up with the hottest channels in sports #onRadio, #onTV, #onSocial and #onDigital.

Occasionally, you may hear him on air or see him on TV as he presents segments such as the CrossBar Challenge and #ThrowbackThursday.

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Firdaus Khan
Marketing Communications Manager

Lift up his sleeve and you’ll find the beating heart of #RedCardConnect.

Firdaus has his hands in all platforms as he is in command of the posts #onSocial, he presents the local football show – The beSt League #onRadio and he is also the producer for content #onTV.

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Feza Hussin
Group Head, Creative & Content Strategy


Always two steps ahead of the rest, Feza is the brains behind #RedCardConnect.

She leads the A-team with the mission of creating, delivering and distributing quality sports content across our integrated platforms: #onRadio, #onTV, #onSocial and #onDigital.

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