About Us

#RedCardConnect is a sports media subsidiary of the Red Card Group. We provide brand engagement and consultancy for brands through sports. We specialize in building brand connections and awareness with consumers through creating, delivering and distributing sports content via our integrated platforms: #onRadio, #onTV, #onDigital and #onSocial.

Our Services

#onRadio is the platform to get your brands connected to the cultured and ardent sports fans in Singapore. Engage with them through 30-second ad spots in between shows or even during our live broadcast of the Barclays Premier League. Better still, get the guys to do the ad for you and you can even get one of the shows or segments named after your brand.


#onTV is the platform that reaches out to people from all walks of lives. You can connect with the hardcore/fairweather fans, the young and the old, and the ladies and gentlemen with product placements and naming rights to our shows.

#onSocial knows no boundaries. With multiple social media channels under its umbrella, get your brand out to fans from Singapore, Malaysia, Asia and the world! Through a structured scheduled on posts across the platforms, get more eyes on your brand as fans see it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Soundcloud, Vine and YouTube. There’s simply no way of escaping it!

#onDigital is the one-stop centre for all #RedCardConnect needs. Be the first brand that the sports fans will see when they connect #onDigital. Get your brand’s message at strategic spot on the page or just go gung-ho and conquer the whole page!

#rePLAY is a revolutionary way of connecting with fans even when they are in-flight and offline! re:Play is an MP3 player pre-loaded with exclusive interviews, segments and sports radio shows. Be a part of the experience by getting an ad spot, a fully dedicate show tailored to your brand’s message or simply get the brand’s name on the re:Play!